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    Copy And Paste ThisThis application is for all of moderation and administration positions. We will choose your position based of the criteria. Most people will start off as J-Mods or Junior Moderators for short, then get trained to move up. Name:Age:Date:Being a moderator means you solve the issues going on. You are a leader. You give leaders information and help make this the best experience for everyone. This requires a lot of time and leadership. Do you think you have these qualities and why?God places us on this earth for one reason. To serve him. This question is important because you're going to be a leader for many people. You will be someone who they look to for questions. So here is something to think about. Because you will be leading people. God is in complete control of this group. This is a question you have to think deeply about and be honest with yourself. Is God in complete control of you?God loves all. Even the ones who deny him. We will get some hurt souls in here who will have so much hate in them they may say bad things about this group and other things. How will you handle a person like this? If someone needs your help with a question about life or the Bible or God. How would you answer if.... You're not real sure? Its opinionated? They ask you to keep it just between you and them?
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    Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:51 am
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  • Bible Study Leaders

    This is going to be a little more difficult until we will be trying to set up an IM system for this to start and then a talk/type system. Makes it easier on the Bible Study Leaders if they can talk over a mic other than type everything.Name:Age:Date:This job requires a lot of preparation time. You have to set up weekly bible studies and be able to thoroughly explain them. Do you think you will be able to do this on a week to week basis?This will probably be in my opinion the toughest job to do. Mainly because we do not have the resources yet to make this job easier. We need members and a voice system so it makes it easier for the Leader to teach. Until we get all these things set up will you be able to teach by just typing?God has blessed us all. For this position I need people who are strong with and excited about Jesus. You have to love serving the Lord and love teaching people about Gods word. Do you meet this requirement?
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    Sat May 10, 2014 2:16 pm
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  • Street Team Leader

    Here is a job that requires a lot of time and effort. I think this is going to be the most fun job. You are the one going out and helping people who really don't know God. You make and lead activities. You recruit people in your area to go and help people who are down and out and need God. This job requires you're outgoing, excited about Jesus, you're a leader. Your whole team is going to be a group of leaders. Leading the way for people to know Christ. This is the main part of my vision. The reason I am doing all this. This isn't really an application because anyone willing to do it is accepted. You and a group of people going out on the street making this world a better place. I will help you with ideas and even train you on how to start this. We want this to spread across the world. We are the freedom fighters. So to apply just fill at this application. Name:Age: City:State:Members Names (If You Have Any Joining Your Street Team):Name of Street Team (You can use JC Rockstars, If you have something you came up with you can use it. If you want shirts made we just ask you to add the JC Rockstar logo to help promote this group :). You do not have to add our logo just optional for promotional purposes):Do you have a camcorder? ( The reason we ask is we want to do a lot of video stuff and start a youtube site and what not):
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    Thu May 01, 2014 2:16 am
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  • Games And Tournament Director

    This job will be easy and I can give you some training on how to make this awesome and successful. I will have a tournament site up for you to use. I prefer most games be played on Yahoo multiplayer. They have a ton of games you can play. Pictionary to scrabble to pool to a ton of card games including GO FISH!!! WOOHOO! ;)Tournament Directors can not play in their own tournaments. Will this be a problem?Tournament directors have to make sure everything is fair and peaceful. You have to be at every table to make sure nothing bad is going on will you be able to do this? You can get help from other tournament directors or staff.You are supposed to create a fun atmosphere for everyone. Sooner or later we will make leagues just for certain games once we get large enough. Will you be able to keep it a fun Christian environment?If someone is mad because they suspect cheating or think they were treated unfairly how would you handle this? Even with you on a table watching to the best of your ability some people get upset and very competitive.If they say you're a bad director how would you approach this?
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    Fri May 23, 2014 4:48 pm
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  • Website Design

    We need a lot of help making this website look good. I want to add like a front page and other things. Make it look more professional. If you're good with computers and would like to help with this all you really have to do is post your credentials. Tell me why you would be good for this job. :)
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    Mon May 12, 2014 5:19 pm
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  • Artist

    This is for logo design, shirt design, things for website, posters, banners. If you love to draw this is the job for you :)Post a link to 3 pictures you have drawn.
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    Mon May 05, 2014 1:53 am
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  • Praise And Worship

    We would like to get a few people who can pick out praise and worship songs for before bible study and other events. Just list 10-15 songs you would choose and or if you can play guitar or piano or even have a band who can play live over the mic/webcam that would be awesome to.
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